Selling Your Home?

First impressions are everything.  An average buyer forms an impression within the first 15 seconds of entering a house (or viewing it on the internet).  We look at your home through the buyers’/renters eyes and give you our candid professional assessment.  We then create rooms that are inviting and make them feel instantly at home.  By adding emotional connections and improving order and balance, we create a first impression that will stand out in the minds of prospective buyers and renters. 

Statistics show that homes that have been professionally staged sell 50% faster and increase the selling price by 6-10%.  A modest investment in home staging can result in an outstanding gain. 

Want a New Look?

One room, or your whole house, can take on an entirely new feel simply by rearranging the existing pieces or by completely redesigning!  Neat Freak specializes in giving your home a whole new look without ever having to shop for one new item, using existing and new items or starting completley over at a low cost. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is living in their home while it is for sale, staging a house for sale, updating a rental or just wanting a new look for your home.

Whether it’s staging or redesigning, we work with homeowners, realtors and builders to create homes that are visually appealing and balanced.  

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