Judi Orchard Polansky
Hi Keegan...hope you are safely on your way to Colorado! When Julia got home we started looking at her room and at first she was playing it bit cool and trying not to be impressed. Then I showed her how all her things were organized and all the same type of things stored together etc She looked at me and said "I think I'm going to cry" and when I asked her why she said "because it's so nice". Yeah! Mission accomplished. Hopefully it will inspire her to keep it clean. Thanks again for all your hard work. Have a Merry Christmas!

David Kelly
Keegan accomplished more in a few hours than I have in 6 years. It's amazing the things you accumulate over the years, things I didn't even recognize and certainly didn't need. When we were through with this session I even had clean (empty) table tops for the first time in years We only did the kitchen and dining room, and I'm looking forward to another session to work on bedrooms and closets. She was friendly, courteous and didn't waste time with gossip or idle chatter. Our dog liked her as much as we did. I recommend Keegan to anyone.

Kelli Bennett
This was my first experience with Keegan at Neat Freak Professional Organizing and she was FABULOUS! She came in and just jumped right in and got started. She was so helpful and made my office look great and everything is in a useful spot now as well!

Kimberley Hall
This was the BEST Christmas gift! My stress level went way down as Keegan was able to organize my life! What a great feeling!

Jessica Bell

Keegan has been such a blessing to my life and home! Keegan has taken care of all the things I ALWAYS seem to have on my To Do List, but NEVER actually seem to find the time to get them done. She has helped me feel more relaxed and less stressed in my own home by organizing and keeping things clutter free. I highly recommended her services to anyone looking to spend more time doing the things they love and less time feeling overwhelmed!

Kevin Long
Thank you so much for our Awesome work yesterday. I've had a couple of people come and organize me before, but nothing even near what you did for me. THANK YOU Keegan!

Patricia Fehn
Keegan is excellent. Very easy to work with. My pantry was a mess and she sorted everything for e. She checked each item for an expiration date and cleared them out. The pantry looks great. I will rerecommend her to friends and keep her number in my phone for future projects.

Alyssa Maisano
Thank you so much Keegan for all of your hard work today, can't wait to have you come back!!

Kelli Hinton
Keegan...you did such a fabulous job on my office!!!!! What a wonderful organizer --- and such great ideas --- Thanks so much for the help! And, it's been a week and a half and it's still organized and working great for me :)

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